Elements Clarifying Active Cream 50m

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Intensive cream for acne prone skin.

Reduces the appearance of acne symptoms and hypersecretion of sebum on the skin, improving its appearance without causing dryness and irritation.

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Action: Reduces the appearance of acne symptoms and sebum hypersecretion on the skin improving its appearance. Contains Canadian Willowherb, an ingredient that inhibits the action of the bacterium Propionibacterium Acnes. The ingredients Sebopessina and Normaseb, directly reduce and regulate the oiliness of the skin.

The synergy of action of Azelaic Acid with Manuka Oil and Jojoba Oil give the cream a strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action. Aloe Vera, A-Bisabolol and Panthenol, soothe irritated acne prone skin while maintaining high levels of moisture, while Polytrap absorbs excess oil leaving a matte finish.

How to use: Apply all over the face with a light massage until it is absorbed.

Active ingredients: Allantoin, Mentha Essential Oil, Sebopessina, Manuka Oil, Mimosa Extract, Aloe Vera, Normaseb 1%, Canadian Willowherb 1%, A-Bisabolol, Azelaic Acid 4%, Polytrap, Calendula
Extract, Jojoba Oil, Glycyrrhetinic Acid.

Purpose: Acne, Hydration, Oily
Skin type: Oily


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